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I started this program the day I heard about it….It was so exiting to hear of something – anything – that was proactive. The only news from the major medical community was, go home and learn how to be blind, maybe there will be something helpful in 5-10 years (I have gotten that comment since 1996). The Better Eye Health Program – along with all the nutritional information have been tremendous! And, Dr. Miller – Can’t say thank you enough for all your help, advice and encouragement! The program has enabled me to stay the same with some improvement. Thank you all for everything.

Client 1606

My advent with AMD began some 4 years ago with the truly shocking diagnosis. My disease simply progressed much to my chagrin and I was pretty helpless and not accepting it all well. It is a long story but one day I met a blind man in the LAS airport. He told me that he was starting a new program that had only been affective thus far for Macular Degeneration. I jumped all over his comments to say the least. He said it was called Micro Current. I contacted his optometrist in North Carolina only to be told that the Micro Current apparatus would cost $15,000!!! Not possible. I went to another MD in Phoenix who quoted me the same amount. Still not possible. Subsequently I came across Dr. Miller and a price I could live with…. That was almost two years ago. I have been TOTALLY faithful to the instructions 5 times per week as well as the lamp except for my travel periods…. I saw improvement at the eye doctor from 20/40 and 20/60 to my last visit which showed 20/30 in both eyes.

Client 100000648

2005 I began the program. I followed the program faithfully for one year. When I had my annual eye exam there were no changes to my vision. I was hoping for some positive results after the commitment to the program, however, I was glad my eyes were not getting worse. My hope was to be able to drive again so I could get my independence back. I used the Micro Current Stimulation daily and do the eye exercises.

Client 100000125

My vision has continued to improve. I have a daylight driver’s license…

Client 559

Thanks to the Better Eye Health Program I have been able to have a driver’s license – limited, but still able to pass and have this license. Approximately every 1-2 years I must take a behind the wheel test. Depending on the examiner is how long my license is good.

Client 756

I joined the program when I was diagnosed with ARMD… This program, so long as I have held to it, has been amazing… has maintained my vision in my most affected eye. .. My sight was significantly better – my ability to see color – on the highway with passing cars was one test.

Client 639

I started the program with Dr. Grace hoping for results. My eyesight faded since then, but very gradually I am still taking supplements and doing the program. I’m afraid not to.

Client 1213

Starting this program a few years ago, my hopes were high. I have been using the micro-current machine way before your machine – yours is much better. .. I try to do everything, but it sometimes becomes overwhelming and I get disgusted…This is so, so frustrating, but I do not intend to give up. Your office staff had been wonderful…Any new developments, please forward. Thanks for caring.

Client 100000498

I started the program hoping it would stop the progression of my glaucoma. I do not get the usual field exams however, according to the OCT, my eyes seem to be stable at this point…Dr. Miller’s conference calls are very helpful and informative on a variety of health issues as well as eye health. They are a wonderful support and encouragement, I appreciate them very much. Thank you.

Client 684

I started because I have RP and needed to prevent my vision from getting worse. I could see okay during the day, but my vision would get blurry when I got tired. I started the program in 2005 at a Seminar and saw quick improvement. I stopped treatment after 2 years. My vision gradually got worse again until I had a hard time seeing. Within 1 week of being back on the program in 2012, my vision came back. Dr. Miller is always helpful.

Client 1401

I started the Visual Healing Program more than 10 years ago when I lost the central vision in my left eye due to the wet form of Myopic Macular Degeneration. Over the years I have had eye surgery and numerous times my vision has gone down, and using the Visual Healing Program faithfully has brought my vision back up enough to be able to drive and read again….I feel that this program and Dr. Miller should be afforded the credit for the vision I still have today. My vision fluctuates a lot and I have holes in my vision from bleeds that makes seeing difficult, but I can read the chart at 20/32 at present. I thank you Dr. Miller, for the education and advice you offer and for your caring ways.

Client 841

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