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Welcome to Organic MD.

In each of us is the ability to heal.

Our bodies – for many thousands of years – learned to adapt and change to stay alive. They experienced climate changes, wild animals and a host of other challenges. The drive to survive runs to the core of our being. Our bodies learned resilience and tenacity. Over the centuries our internal system continues to adjust in order to handle all the new chemicals and toxins that became part of our daily lives.

One might say that the body is the ultimate problem solver.

It takes whatever we – or the environment – throws at it and tries to work with it. It adapts, adjusts and invents at an amazing speed barely perceivable by us. If given the support, the body can recover from illnesses and injuries in a way that can seem miraculous.

(A key phrase in that sentence  – IF GIVEN SUPPORT – Often we work against our body as it tries to help us! Crazy!)

Here at Organic MD we see these kinds of miracles all the time. We encourage people to make different choices in their diet, to explore emotional trauma they might be holding onto and to add essential nutrients that might be lacking in their system. Sometimes we also  support a person’s spiritual path, finding out what brings them joy and peace. We take a holistic view, since there might be many factors contributing to the problem.

We provide hope for change. Hope that something can be different. And we provide tools and resources to get you there.

Let’s be clear though.

We do not provide quick fixes – at least not usually. Sometimes a fix – like stop eating wheat – can have quick and direct results for someone. But this is not the norm. We look at the long view. Because some changes require time to take effect. If your particular habit is lifelong, it may take time for your body to adjust, rebuild and heal. Often quick fixes are just that – quick.

We strive for lasting change.

Because of this we also provide community. Others who can sit and share in the experience with you. Others who made changes and saw results. Others who can encourage you to stay with it a little longer. Community is invaluable. It reminds us that we do not do this alone.

Organic MD’s mission is to provide sources (such as books, posts, magazines, podcasts, videocasts – and anything else we can come up with) that contain information, experiences and encouragement as you support your health and wellness. Being naturally curious, we like to explore and ask questions. Expect us always to be learning and adding to this site as a result.

Look here regularly for updates – or better yet subscribe!

Here’s to your health!



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