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Feel like your healthcare plan doesn't really have your healthcare in mind? 

  • Are you looking for safe ways to take care of yourself and your family?
  • Fed up with pharmaceuticals?
  • Have you been sick for a long time, but not getting any help from your regular doctor?
  • You have no adequate insurance, and need a source of trustworthy information?

Our current system seems like it is designed to weaken you, to provide you with more ailments and fewer solutions. The solutions it does provide are often dangerous, contrary and take power away from your healthcare decisions. We need a better approach. It doesn't have to be this way!

As a physician, I have many people come to me frustrated with their health care providers. They have 5 different specialists, none of whom talk with each other. They are on multiple medications, many of which counter-act each other and often have serious side effects. They feel disconnected from their doctors, who often are trying to get them out of the door as soon as they arrive. 

Most importantly they feel that they have no control. They do not have a basic understanding or access to treatments that might serve them best. There is a loss of wisdom—wisdom they remember their parents and grandparents having. 

I have found that in general the Western medical system relies on "bandaids" rather than deeper approaches to healing. If I have high-blood pressure, for example, the 

first solution is often a medication. Diet might also be discussed, as well as exercise and stress, but as a secondary action. We know from experience that challenges like high blood pressure and diabetes can be controlled and reversed with changes to diet and lifestyle, and people end up not needing any medication.

They did not need it at all. Natural remedies were just as effective and safer. Drugs are always there if the simpler and safer remedies fail.

I've wondered if there is a better way. A way to support people in finding that control again. In finding that wisdom of their ancestors. An answer to their search for better healthcare.


We created The Organic Answer just for you! A membership community designed as an ever growing resource for your wellness journey. At the heart is a monthly newsletter exploring key topics, recommendations and courses to help you heal and stay well for a long time to come. You can try it out for free or leap in and grab a membership to have access to many additional features like specialized trainings, resources and one-on-one office visits with Dr. Miller and his team. Let The Organic Answer be your secret weapon in a life filled with more confidence in your wellness!

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We have 3 TIERS to get you started. Each opens more resources and ways to engage. And each month, regardless of Tier, we will continue to add more to the database of knowledge.


The FREE TIER gives you a taste of what membership can bring. If you start here you receive: 

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Access to all of our online courses, including our new course, "Reversing Autoimmune Disease".


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One-to-one 30 minute consultation with one of the other specialists on our staff which can be scheduled immediately. This renews each year you are a member. 

Access to all of our online courses, including our new course, "Reversing Autoimmune Disease".

About Dr. Damon Miller

In private practice in California since 1995, Dr. Damon Miller is an author, an organic farmer and a board-certified medical doctor, also certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Board. He has an extensive medical background. However, Dr. Miller does not practice traditional medicine. He follows a natural, drugless therapy approach to healthcare and he limits his practice to safe, non-surgical medicine.

Dr. Miller recognizes the ways the body has of healing itself with a little support. That’s why he offers safe therapies with a scientific basis that work with the body’s own ability to prevent or overcome illness naturally. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people with assorted medical, physical and emotional conditions restore their bodies to maximum health with no need for either drugs or surgery.

Dr. Miller understands that human beings have an innate understanding of their own health, and what they need to restore health. He speaks of this as “The Wisdom of the Grandmothers”, and his goal is to help us all remember and reconnect with this wisdom.

His general focus is on the treatment of people with chronic, terminal and recurrent illnesses that have not been well-treated by traditional medicine. Using such therapies as acupuncture, Eastern and Western botanical medicine, detoxification, stress management, lifestyle counseling and clinical nutrition, Dr. Miller helps clients of all ages and from all walks of life to heal and live a healthier life. This includes extensive work with oncology patients. Dr. Miller uses techniques of Oriental Medicine, coupled with his knowledge as a board-certified radiologist, to support patients during chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He also devotes part of his practice to the development and utilization of microcurrent stimulation therapy to support the eye-health of those with retinal diseases, especially macular degeneration. Encouraged by the surprising improvements he saw in people with eye diseases that most doctors consider hopeless and untreatable, he devotes a portion of his practice to the treatment of eye disorders.

Dr. Miller performs Classical Five-Element Acupuncture as taught to him by professors J. R. and Judy Worsley. Now a master acupuncturist, Dr. Miller has also studied with other internationally recognized authorities such as Dr. Julian Scott.

A board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologist with Special Certification in Interventional Radiology, Dr. Miller has been in practice as a medical doctor since 1985. He is devoted to finding sustainable ways to treat and support the health of those who come to see him, believing that good medicine should be easy, simple and cheap.

From Our Members

Pete L

Better Eye Health Program

I Have My Drivers License Back

"This is a great day and thanks to you Dr. Miller. On Wednesday I received my driver license back. The clerk was very interested seeing that three years ago I could not pass either of the two test they gave me...Just think 5 years ago they told me to go home and go blind (from macular degeneration) and three years ago I lost the driver license because I could not pass the eye test. Today I can read and drive again."

Nancy H

Healthy Eating Workshop Member

I Lost Weight and Learned A Lot

Dr. Miller's Healthy Eating Class has improved my life in many ways. I not only lost weight, but I also learned to identify my food allergies and sensitivities which were responsible for a wide range of physical discomfort. The information and tools shared in this class are not offered in standard nutrition classes. I feel better educated and more confident about the food choices I'm making. 

Marie J

Clinic Patient

You Saved Our Son

You might not remember us, but we cannot forget you Dr. Miller. Your LED Protocol saved our oldest son from vaccine injury. He was 5 then and is now an adult. As you might remember his garbled speech was a serious issue and would have caused his life to be very different than it is now. We thank you. for your help and being able to provide some support when we could not find it elsewhere. 

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The Organic Answer Newsletter

Every month we focus on topics and issues connected to wellness. There are articles from Dr. Miller and the Organic Answer team. We also have recommendations for key supplements, books, and other important items you should always have on hand. The newsletter is a compact, easily digestible resource for you intended to keep so you have it handy in your own library of health. For quarterly and annual members, the newsletter is available online.


One-on-One Consultations

Sometimes it is good to talk through things with a seasoned professional. The One-on­ One Consultations with Dr. Miller are a way for you to ask questions, get clarity and work through hurdles you are facing. The sessions are meant to help rethink issues so you can find solutions tailored to your needs.


Membership Site and Wellness Compendium

At the heart of The Organic Answer is the ever growing resource that is the Organic MD site. Here we are adding articles, podcasts, health classes, a library of health related books, research and much more. Our goal is to provide an endless, curated wellness compendium that you can always have access to whenever you need it.


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Membership Bonuses

Sign up for an Annual Membership and receive these extras - which are normally only available at extra cost: 

Bonus 1- Extra One-to-One

Receive an additional one-to-one counseling session with one of the members of the Organic MD team. We have experts in bereavement counseling, life planning and mediumship. Paired with your session with Dr. Miller, these sessions can help deepen the changes you make for your wellness. 

Bonus 02 - Curated Seeds

Part of learning to eat healthy and transform your diet is exploring the art of growing your own food. Not only is this a great way to control the quality of the food you eat, but it is also an essential skill for self reliance. We have curated a special collection of heirloom seeds so you can start your garden today. 

Bonus 03 - Takuna Remedy

Over the years we have come across amazing supplements and herbs that have incredible healing ability. One of the best is Takuna, which can be used for overall wellness, viral protection and help with a number of ailments. It is powerful and very safe. An essential for your cabinet, and the main ingredient in our Cold and Flu Kit.

What makes us different

I learned early on in my practice that listening was the best medicine. If I could take the time to ask questions and listen to stories people carried about their health, I was more likely to find the best solutions for their issues. But this means you cannot rush things. And you can't apply the same answers to similar problems. One size does not always fit all. 

I spent decades gathering and sifting through thousands of pages of research, methods, techniques to find the most safe and effective approaches for wellness. The Organic Answer has solutions from all over the world. If you want techniques for healthcare that work, you will find them here.

A great teacher for me was my Grandmother. She knew things about health that were practical, easy to understand and very effective. She learned these from her ancestors. Our hope at The Organic Answer is to curate this wisdom and make it available to you - so you can learn and use these time tested approaches. 

The Organic Answer is a Health Plan You Can Rely On

If you think about what you pay every year for health coverage and services, we think you will see what an incredible deal our membership plans are. We want you to have more resources and tools so you can tackle whatever you need to for your wellness.


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Here’s what people are saying about The Organic Answer and working with Dr. Miller and his team.

Greg B

Healthy Eating Workshop

Less Fogginess and Chronic Pain

"I took Dr. Miller's Healthy Eating Class...My primary goal was to lose weight, however after a short time experienced a reduction in Arthritis symptoms I had in the joints in my hands. The pain and stiffness I experienced was virtually eliminated. I also became more clear headed and less "foggy”. I also noticed my back, which had been a source of chronic pain, improved. I heartily recommend his course."

Bill G

Better Eye Health

I Gave It a Try and Things Changed For the Better

"As a former Navy Seal, I was shocked when the doctor told me that I had Macular Degeneration and that there was nothing to do about it. When I learned of the Better Eye Health Program and I thought, why not, I'll give it a try. After 2 years I have improved and stabilized my visual acuity, and am very pleased with the program. My eyes just keep getting better."

Pamela K

Clinic Patient

I Am Always Given Safe Choices For My Health

"I feel my usual doctors only suggest more and more medications, many of which I know have bad long term effects. What I appreciate so much with Dr. Miller and his team is that they give me diverse, safe options to help me in my wellness. They tackle my issues through diet changes, emotional counseling and if I am recommended a supplement, I know it will be well tested and safe."


Thank you for your interest in The Organic Answer. Here at Organic MD we are serious about your health. We want you to have all the resources you need for life full of wellness and balance. We are building a comprehensive and ever-growing library just for you! Join us today!

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