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Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes: Our New Podcast

By Carlyle Coash

Earlier this year we published the book Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes. It’s the first time we put down in writing the history and details of our Better Eye Health Program, so that people could understand this unique approach to healing degenerative eye disease. Click Here for Book Grace Halloran, who developed the initial program, […]


Microcurrent Stimulation Demystified for you! Learn about this wonderful healing tool to reverse eye disease.

By Organic MD

There’s a technique called Microcurrent Stimulation (MCS). Perhaps you’ve heard of it? For anyone in sports medicine, microcurrent therapies have a long and successful history repairing advanced muscle injuries and strains. But for the eyes? You bet. A number of years ago this therapy showed that it could definitely help your eye disease. So much so that it […]

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