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How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?

By Damon Miller

Vitamin D. An essential nutrient we all need. However, there is much disagreement among doctors as to how much Vitamin D needs to be taken as a supplement. Physicians, who often prescribe and recommend vitamin D2, have concerns because too much vitamin D2 can definitely be toxic, and harmful to your liver. Integrative practitioners, and people who […]


If You Drink Coffee, Drink Some that Might Actually Do You Good

By Carlyle Coash

The last few years we’ve seen a host of different studies looking at coffee and the health benefits connected to it. Something important to remember about the benefits of coffee is taking into account the quality and amount one takes in everyday. Moderation is important, so your five triple lattes with two packets of sugar […]


Unlock the great benefits of Coffee Enemas

By Organic MD

Ah the weekend. Relax. Watch some sports. Make a sandwich. Give yourself a Coffee Enema. Yes, you read it correctly. A Coffee Enema. Something not likely part of your next Vente Latte order  – at least we hope not! – but important for your health just the same. Now you might imagine doing a coffee […]