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Cholesterol! Revealing information about today’s Hot Topic.

Time to pull out your favorite headphones, plug in your iPod (or phone, laptop, tablet, 8 Track) and get ready for the OrganicMD podcast!

Worried about your Cholesterol? These days you might be – especially with all the information and MIS-information about the subject. This week Dr. Miller tackles the subject with reckless abandon to see what all the fuss is about.

Be ready to have your mind opened and changed. Your cholesterol might just not be the scary monster you’ve been told about.

Unless, of course, you eat only cheeseburgers.

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Carlyle Coash

Carlyle Coash

Partner at Organic MD
Adventurer, Writer, Spiritual Counselor and overall champion of creative approaches to wellness and balance.
Carlyle Coash

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