Daily routine on Phase One of the Fat Flush Plan

Daily routine on Phase One of the Fat Flush Plan

First thing in the morning, drink one ounce of minerals with 8 ounces of water. Wait 15 minutes before taking anything else.

Drink: Long Life cocktail, which is 8 ounces of the cranberry water* with 1 rounded tablespoon of ground flax meal stirred into it.

Also drink one serving of lemon juice in hot water (this could be the juice of one-half of a lemon in one-half a cup of hot water. Note: After adding hot water to the lemon juice, you can cool it down with some cold water to make it drinkable.
Post on lemon juice

*Make your two quarts of cranberry water, using four ounces of unsweetened pure cranberry juice and 28 oz of water. If you are using the cranberry juice concentrate, the dilution is one and one-half tablespoons per quart. (You are to drink two quarts of this cranberry water, called “cran water” throughout the day.) The book contains a recipe on how to easily make a quart of pure cranberry juice from a 12 ounce bag of fresh or frozen cranberries (page 55).

Morning supplements to take:
GLA, take one
CLA, take one
Liver Cleanse, take two
JarroDophilus, take one
l-carnitine, take one
Shop for the supplements

Morning through noon meals
Day One:

Morning/breakfast: Smoothie made with hemp protein and for your Mid-morning snack, a hard cooked egg.

Have 8 ounces of cran-water about 20 minutes before lunch.
Lunch could be vegetables (cooked or as a salad) and fish, chicken, or other lean meat.
Use flax oil, hemp oil or fish oil to make the dressing for your vegetables or salad. Take One JarroDophilus

Mid-afternoon: Two 8 ounces glasses of cran water. Take one more GLA and one more CLA (especially if hungry)

4 pm snack: One piece of fruit (peach, berries, apple, etc.)

20 minutes before dinner: 8 ounces of cran water.

Dinner: Chicken, fish, lean meat and vegetables or salad. Again use flax oil, hemp oil or fish oil to make the dressing for your vegetables or salad.
Take 2 Liver Cleanse, 1 JarroDophilus

What’s different in Day 2? For us the difference is in the morning. Breakfast alternates between smoothie on one day, and two eggs on the other days. When breakfast is a smoothie, the mid-morning snack is a hard boiled egg. When breakfast is eggs, the mid-morning snack is fruit.

In Phase one, lunch and dinner consist primarily of vegetables and protein. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, rice and corn are not part of Phase one. Olives are on the food list for Phase one, which is a treat that is often overlooked (allowed 5 or 6 per day).  Jerusalem artichokes (sun-chokes) are allowed. You may have one or two medium carrots per day in Phase One.

 About Detoxification:

If you are feeling light headed, achy, have headache, or are otherwise unwell on Phase One…
       You may be experiencing some symptoms of detoxification, which is common when you eat a simpler diet. You may need a remedy so that you do not feel bad. Please contact Dr. Miller’s office at 650-780-9900 or email us at [email protected]
Our Favorite Detox Remedy for the Fat Flush Plan


The following supplements are recommended to support the Healthy Eating Workshop. They insure the optimum functioning of your body as you change your diet, and provide support during the detoxification process that occurs in the first two months of healthier eating.

  • L-Carnitine, 500 mg, once a day, not with food.
  • CLA-750, once or twice a day, anytime.
  • GLA-240, once or twice a day, anytime.
  • Humic or Fulvic Liquid Minerals, 1 oz. per day, anytime.
  • JarroDophilus, one with each meal.
  • Liver Cleanse, two, twice a day, anytime. Use for at least the first two weeks, and continue longer if you are having headaches or fatigue or muscle aches.
  • Hemp Seed (whole or powdered), use at least three tablespoons in smoothie as your protein source.
  • Flax Oil, use at least two tablespoons per day as source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Flax Meal, two to four tablespoons per day in the Whole Life cocktail.
  • Lemon juice, one tablespoon in hot water, morning and evening.
  • Cranberry water, 2 quarts per day.
  • Morning and Evening drink a Long Life cocktail, which is 8 ounces of the cranberry water* with 1 rounded tablespoon of ground flax meal stirred into it.

SMOOTHIE RECIPE (amounts are per serving)

1/2 c juice (optional- 3-4 drops Stevia if it is a sour
juice) No sugary juices.
1 cup of water or more
2 Tbsp. Flax meal
3 Tbsp. Hemp Seed Nuts or Hemp Protein Powder **
1-2 Tbsp. Oil (Hemp or Flax)
1.5 cups fruit (fresh and frozen)

*1-2 Tbsp. chia seeds (thickens the smoothie)
*2 Tbsp. walnut pieces (adds texture)
*1/2 oz liquid vitamins
*1-2 JarroDophilus capsules
*2 Tbsp. Sante Complex or Green Powder (for an extra nutritional boost)

*1-3 teaspoons of chlorella powder (for detox)

Place all ingredients in a blender.
Blend until rich and creamy, approximately 30 to 60 seconds.
See our Recipe and the Video on a Great Green Smoothie
See our Video on a Great Fruit Smoothie and the Recipe that goes with it.

 Some Notes:

If you are feeling cravings, take an extra CLA with 8 to 12 ounces of water. You may take as many as you like.
If you decide to stop the supplements at the end of the seven week workshop, note how you feel. If you feel there is a loss of energy, then continue the supplements above for another month or so. Check in on the conference call.
The hemp seed is Dr. Miller’s preferred protein powder.
Try using the flax oil, or hemp oil, or fish oil to make salad dressing or mayonnaise. Think of these unsaturated oils as foods, not supplements.

 **Do not use protein powders containing whey!
See our Post 
on why we recommend staying away from whey.

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